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State Attorney General puts ticket industry on notice, demands changes

It’s long been suspected, but now it’s been quantified — there truly is a method behind the madness of acquiring that hot concert ticket.

The people we meet along the way

People come into your life at different points of time not by mere chance but by a greater mechanism to teach you a lesson. That lesson can be inspirational, heart wrenching or a wake-up call.

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George Fiorini is new to the region and the world of craft cocktails, but he plans to stay

When George Fiorini moved to Albany a year ago, he had only five months of bartending experience under his belt. Winner of the recent Woodford Reserve bartending competition held at the Albany Food and Wine Festival early this month, Fiorini now bartends at two of Albany’s premiere cocktail bars and, sitting in one of them — Wellington’s in Albany — exactly a year to the day after he moved to the area, he seems more than a little surprised about it.

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Get to Know: Jennifer Whalen

This first appeared in the Jan. 27 editions of Spotlight News.

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Best Fitness contest provides motivation, support to help participants reach their long-term health goals

January is the most popular month of the year for setting fitness and health goals.

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Last Daze in Troy

Alternative rock band, Last Daze, will play at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 9:30 p.m.

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The Capital District’s premiere culinary event is a huge undertaking for dedicated, pro-bono organizers like Michelle Hines Abram

The Capital District came together last weekend to celebrate the good things in life: food, wine, art and philanthropy.

Get To Know: Lianne Webster-Kim

This originally appeared in the Jan. 13 editions of Spotlight News.

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Albany Twilight League: Playing baseball for 85 years, and counting

A Roberto Clemente toss from where Albany’s Clinton and Central avenues intersect lies the last living vestige of baseball’s pioneer era.

EDITORIAL: Refreshingly civil

This editorial first appeared in the Jan. 13 editions of Spotlight News.

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EDUCATION: Separate college from the economy

Higher education is a stressful process that is on the minds of high school seniors everywhere, including myself.

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Why Bethlehem denied a request to post a Christmas sign on town property, and what happened next

It started on the ides of December. Elena Marcelle, a resident of Bethlehem, petitioned the town to place her “Merry Christmas” sign at a small public park where Kenwood and Delaware avenues intersect — commonly known as the Four Corners — just as she had done five years before. She was denied.

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A list of places to consider when planning to ring in the New Year

We, as residents of the Capital District, pick on our region for being small. But, when it comes to doing something for New Year’s Eve, it never fails to provide.

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Get To Know: Oliver

This article first appeared in the Dec. 23 editions of Spotlight News.

EDITORIAL: Peace be with you

This editorial first appeared in the Dec. 23 editions of Spotlight News.

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Christmas at the Capital Rep, and the actors who launch their careers from there

Local theatre is a springboard to professional acting for Capital District youth.

Albany Center Gallery’s Artist of the Year named

Albany Center Gallery threw its annual themed gala late last month at the brand new Renaissance Hotel in downtown Albany and honored local artist Richard Garrison as ACG’s Artist of the Year.

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Get To Know: Marion Kehrer

This first appeared in the Dec. 16 editions of Spotlight News.

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This is not your father's Star Wars

“The Force Awakens” is not your father’s “Star Wars,” but the experience J.J. Abrams provides audiences is something all together familiar, yet fresh for a new generation of fans.

EDITORIAL: E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, one

This editorial first appeared in the Dec. 16 editions of Spotlight News.

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