Letter: Too many unknowns for charter change

Editor, The Spotlight:

I took the advice of recent letter writers to the Saratogian and went to Saratoga Citizen’s website to check out their claim that their proposal for charter change will cost less. Here is what I found on their website.

In the Voters Guide on their website: #5: “…the initial cost impact is negligible and the longer-term cost implications will not be able to be determined accurately for at least a few years.”

And later they admit in their “Preliminary Impact…” section:

“After all it is impossible to precisely guarantee either the exact costs of transition or the potential longer-term savings.”

So which is it? Will it cost less or don’t they really know? What is clear: Voters would be gambling on unknown costs.

The proposed charter contains the provision for a transition team to be appointed to do the following: “….determination of competitive salary ranges for the positions of City Manager, Director of Administration and Finance, and Director of Public Works….determination of amounts necessary to adequately fund new positions in the ensuing fiscal year budget and any other expenses necessary to include in the ensuing fiscal year budget to fund a smooth transition to the new Charter.” Title 20,Section 2,

So, stay tuned, folks. You are being asked to vote for a document the creators openly describe as an incomplete rough draft, a work in progress with unknown costs.

We had a zero increase in taxes last year and will have a zero increase again this year. We have no idea how high the tax increases will be if the charter proposal passes—and neither do the people who put this together.

Vote No on the Charter Change.

Marcelline Taylor

Saratoga Springs

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