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The Law Office of Judith H. Singer helps families begin the conversation

— Conversing with loved ones about senior living and end-of-life care at times can be uncomfortable, but is encouraged for those with aging parents. Often, involving an attorney in the discussion helps soften the topic for those involved.

Many people have difficulties discussing these issues, according to Alison C. Fairbanks of the Law Office of Judith H. Singer in Clifton Park. “Some parents have difficulty sharing their financial information with their children. They think it’s none of their business. But having someone there as a neutral, lets them know it’s not about being nosey but about planning. It is a relief to both parents and children when the parents have planning in place.”

Judith Singer started her law practice 10 years ago after ending her career as a trial attorney. Fairbanks, her best friend, came out of retirement this past year to join Singer at her practice doing the work they both love – helping people of all ages, particularly seniors. The law office focuses on estate planning and administration, including preparation of wills, trusts, health care proxies, powers of attorney and other related documents.

Singer and Fairbanks counsel their clients on their planning needs to insure they have the correct documents in place and work to make sure they understand the process. In doing so, they strive to make them feel comfortable and confident about dealing with sensitive matters. In addition to estate planning, the practice concentrates on asset protection and Medicaid planning.

“I think with seniors it is difficult. We now live in this hurry-up, get-it-done world and there’s a tendency to rush them along,” said Singer. “We take our time, and have a certain focus and patience that I think they appreciate.”

Both women said it’s delightful to build a relationship with clients and their families. “There’s something really wonderful when you sit down with a couple that has been married for 50 years. It’s a privilege to help them,” said Fairbanks. “There’s something about getting to know them and being a part of that relationship for even a little bit of time.”

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