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Get To Know: Marion Kehrer

This first appeared in the Dec. 16 editions of Spotlight News.

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This is not your father's Star Wars

“The Force Awakens” is not your father’s “Star Wars,” but the experience J.J. Abrams provides audiences is something all together familiar, yet fresh for a new generation of fans.

EDITORIAL: E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, one

This editorial first appeared in the Dec. 16 editions of Spotlight News.

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Squeeze’s Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook present their acoustic side Wednesday

There have been many incarnations of the British band Squeeze over the last four decades. What hasn’t changed, for the most part, has been the songwriting team that fronts the rock group – Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook.

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Latest Disney on Ice showcases cultures from around the world

Disney on Ice returns to the Times Union Center with a global view on the holidays.

EDITORIAL: Co-op is a labor of love, not a job

This editorial first appeared in the Dec. 9 editions of Spotlight News.

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Life’s soundtrack

Tape cassettes are making a comeback (for some they never left), and to pay homage to the beloved “mix tape” we’ve compiled the Top Five songs to our life soundtracks

You know a trend has reached its pinnacle when Mom starts asking you about something she saw on the home shopping channel. So goes the phenomenon of vinyl records and the record players you find on QVC that will play them. However, following behind this trend is the re-emergence of the tape cassette.

Seven financial resolutions for people in their 50s

Spotlight On Finance

For most people, the 50s are your power earning years. You are an expert in your field and valued at work, and your paycheck reflects it. Also, according to a 2014 study conducted by the Today show, you are more likely to be happier and less stressed than you have been in decades. Sounds great, right? It is, but being in your 50s isn’t a panacea. Life is as hard as it’s ever been

Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany is hosting holiday events for all ages through the month of December

As rich and ever-present as Albany’s history may be in its cityscape, it may not come alive more vibrantly than during the holidays.

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Flowing in tune

Russel the Leaf has recorded, collaborated and performed around the Capital District for the last four years; says his next projects include even more collaborating, a music video, and ultimately, a r

“I love this song,” said Evan Marré as Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” begins playing at The Brakes coffee shop on Lark Street in Albany. The 22-year-old musician from Scotia has just been discussing his recent musical influences: Todd Rundgren, Prince, Randy Newman and, his all-time favorite, The Beach Boys. “They’re incredible,” he said reverentially.

EDITORIAL: Feeling the pressure?

This editorial first appeared in the Dec. 2 editions of Spotlight News.

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Stuyvesant Plaza celebrates first-ever lighting ceremony

Stuyvesant Plaza ushered in the most wonderful time of the year with their first-ever Holiday Lighting Ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

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Get To Know: Bob Dorrance

This originally appeared in the Nov. 25 editions of Spotlight News.

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Local artist is breathing new life into a Victorian Aged artform involving photography

There is something about Monhegan, ME that draws local artist Corlis Carroll to the artists’ island community. It may be how the low rising sun casts long shadows across its rolling hills, it could be the rich history of housing America’s first impressionist artists, but for nearly two decades she has called it home.

EDITORIAL: Thursday is for family, not shopping

This editorial originally appeared in the Nov. 25 editions of Spotlight News.

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Understanding and preparing for the financial impact of Alzheimer’s disease

When we talk about Alzheimer’s disease, we often talk about the emotional toll it takes on families and those it afflicts. And we should. It’s a cruel disease that takes that which we cherish most—the record of our past and a connection to those we love. We also talk about finding a cure, or at the very least a treatment. Anything to slow down the progression of the disease and give us cause for hope. What we haven’t talked a lot about until recently is the financial cost of Alzheimer’s.

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Marty Wendell reflects on a fruitful musical career

Some musicians rest on their laurels once they reach 70 years old. Not Marty Wendell.


This editorial first appeared in the Nov. 18 editions of Spotlight News.

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Video game audio has evolved from blips and beeps into an art form appreciated by fans and players within a multi-billion dollar industry

From a second floor auditorium in Rensselaer’s West Hall, programming students listened to one of the most accomplished gaming audio engineers in the Western Hemisphere.

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Get To Know: Brian Hunt

This first appeared in the Nov. 11 editions of Spotlight News.

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