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Take Out…..The Franklin Hotel, Rome NY

Hello All,

One way to jump-start your body out of the Turkey coma is to order take out. We decided to order from Vescio’s Franklin Hotel. It took about 35 minutes to pick up our order and just like the song, Anticipation—it was worth the wait…. Located on 301 South James Street, in Rome NY, the building does not have a fancy exterior, but all the goodness is inside. As you probably guessed, it's Italian cuisine (yeah baby)

I ordered my Franklin fave item, chicken parmesan. You get a garden salad, side of pasta (spaghetti) and bread and butter in the standard Styrofoam containers. Their chicken parm is sooo delicious. It is beaten down into a large thin island (like Australia) of chicken with a crust of golden bread crumbs with a parmesan cheese beret. I tried to eat a lot of the meal, but it was too much. I ate the rest for lunch the next day and was FULL!

Other orders included: another chicken parm, chicken francese and gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes, chicken in alfredo sauce. BFF said chicken parmesan was tasty, another BFF, said chicken francese was Meh! And Sib (sibling) was raving about the gnocchi. I did get a chance to snag a taste and it was indeed, mouth-watering good. I strongly suggest that you either eat in or stop by The Franklin and pick up your meals as you head out of Oneida County.


Make the fork be with you….T2


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