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Road Warrior…...Milestone Restaurant & Bar, Route 9W, Glenmont


I love to test drive a new place... open less than 2 weeks… Milestone Restaurant filled the bill.

Located in the former Stone Ends and Duke’s Pub in Glenmont; I’ve heard of the legend of the former establishments and hoped for the best…. And was happy with my choice.

The 1st thing you notice about the landscape is that there are lights in the trees beckoning you to find out what is going on in that space. The Milestone sign is aubergine and big, so you can’t miss it. The parking lot is the back and is well-lit. Once you get inside to the hostess station, the lounge/bar area is on your right and the dining room is on your left. We opted for the dining room. The stone work is still present in the dining room which is familiar and soothing.

Our waitress was earnest and perky and skillful in narrowing our food selections. I was starving (shocker), so I started with a crab cake appetizer. It was visually delectable as a tower of taste: foundation of coleslaw, a hot crab cake riding on top of the slaw and bean sprouts on top which was the least appealing part of the dish. There was spicy chili mustard for dipping. It was a decent sized appetizer and I would order it in the future. I ordered a Milestone salad. It has goat cheese, pecans, croutons, red onion, pears and cucumber in a creamy balsamic vinaigrette. It comes in two (2) sizes: regular and family style (large and HUGE!) We ordered the regular size and it was WAY more than enough salad for two people. I enjoyed it immensely, since I ate the majority of it….( I did share it with significant other, SO ). Oh wait, I almost forgot to tell you about the serving bowl. It is visually cool. It’s color and shape is like an ostrich egg tilted on a stem like an amphitheatre. It definitely gets tons of style and presentation points.

Both entrees were Chicken parmesan. I ordered the family style and SO the normal portion. I received two large meaty cutlets over penne pasta. The sauce was chunky, a tad sweet and the pasta was cooked al dente-ish, which I like. I had to get a take out box for the parm, ‘cause I had to have the brownie cheesecake dessert! It was a topped with whip cream, brownie and cheesecake. My eyes were too big for my head and my pants were getting tight… so we took the dessert home too.

Definitely make the trip to Milestone…rapidly headed for a destination known. http://milestonerest.com

Make the fork be with you….T2


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